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Palos Verdes School Gardens​


Palos Verdes School Gardens seeks to create edible education learning opportunities in public places incuding schools and restaurant gardens.  The PVSG Outdoor Classroom program, taught by PVSG garden educators, seeks to encourage students and teachers to consider the school garden as an extension of the traditional classroom rather than an extracurricular activity. The Outdoor Classroom is seen as a living laboratory where lessons are tied to common core curriculum standards, encourage inquiry-based learning, provide hands-on experiential learning opportunities and support next generation science standards. As part of their grade level experience each week, students have opportunity to collaborate with their peers, write and draw what they experience in their garden journals, taste seasonal and local produce, plant and tend to their school garden beds and develop an understanding of what is needed to become environmental stewards of the future.      

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    Edible Education
    Through our weekly garden program, students at 8 different campuses in grades Pre-K to 7 enjoy edible education programming conducted by skilled and passionate garden educators. Children plant, tend to, harvest, and finally EAT healthy and fresh fruits and vegetables in the garden.
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    Outdoor Classroom
    The garden is our outdoor classroom and students learn more than just gardening and nutrition. Our interdisciplinary program brings art, math, science, and social studies into the garden where children can learn in a more hands on and experiential way! Our vibrant chalkboard lesson summary, interactive lecture, hands on activities and seasonal tastings are the hallmark of a PVSG experience.
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    Giving Back
    Every child deserves the opportunity to develop a connection to the source of their food and to experience the beauty of the natural world. PVSG is committed to making that happen. For every Palos Verdes school that we are at, PVSG will help sponsor a sister garden program at an underserved school in the greater South Bay area.
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